Board of Directors meetings

date: 22. October 2010 | country: Slovak Republic
The meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors was held during the ISCA 6th Congress

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date: 19. November 2009 - 21. November 2009 | country: Slovak Republic
ISCA Board of Directors meeting took place in Slovakia extended by a meeting of the Constitution Study Group with the following agenda: 1. ISCA Congress 2010 2. ISCA Website 3. Amendments to the ISCA Constitution 4. Non-member papers at Congress 2010 5. Conference 2012 6. Congress 2014 7. Any Other Business

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date: 30. May 2007 - 01. June 2007 | country: Italy
ISCA Board meeting, meeting with AGTI (Italian National Association of Show Caves)

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date: 27. October 2006 - 27. October 2006 | country: Bermuda
First meeting of the Board of Directors in history, appointed first members of the Scientific and Technical Committee, appointed first members of the Constitution Study Group

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Next congress

October 2018:

8th ISCA Congress

country: Italy

Next meeting

17. October 2015 - 24. October 2015:

ISCA Meeting Germany - Austria 2015

country: Austria, Germany
ISCA Meeting is planned to be held in Germany and Austria in autumn this year. Detailed information is in the files to download.
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