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ISCA Meeting

Name:ISCA Meeting
Type of event:Meeting
Organiser: PERAMA CAVE OF IOANNINA, DIM MAGARASI CAVE, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Department of Paleoanthropology-Speleology
Date:04. November 2012 - 10. November 2012
Country:Greece, Turkey
State / Region:
Town / City:


The meeting programme includes three days in Greece and three days in Turkey. Altogether with transports it is 7 days, plus 2 days for arrival and departure. The organizers - Greece: Perama Cave of Ioannina under the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Ephory of Paleoanthropology-Speleology, South Greece. Turkey: Dim Cave, Turkey.


Draft Programme:

Saturday, 3rd November 2012

Arrival in Ioannina. Hotel accommodation

Sunday, 4th November 2012
09:00 Opening and Welcome
Conference Hosts
Conference Programme
Local Information
ISCA Conference Business Meeting
ISCA Board of Directors Meeting
Commission and Study Group Reports
Any other business
Visit to Lake of Ioannina and its Island

 Visit to Perama Cave, Ioannina

Monday, 5th November 2012
Departure to Meteora, visit to two monasteries
Visit to the prehistoric cave of Theopetra
Visit and coffee at Metsova, a picturesque village near Ioannina
Round Table

Tuesday, 6th November 2012

Departure from Ioannina. Visit to the archaeological site of Vergina.
Arrival at the town of Drama. Hotel accommodation.
Visit to Alistrati Cave and Aggitis Cave

Wednesday, 7th November 2012
Departure for Istanbul, Turkey
Flight from Istanbul to Antalya
Transfer to Alanya. Hotel accommodation

Thursday, 8th November 2012

Opening and Welcome
Conference Hosts
Conference Programme
Local Information
ISCA Conference Business Meeting
ISCA Board of Directors Meeting
Commission and Study Group Reports
Any other business
Visit to Dim Cave

Friday, 9th November 2012
Visit to Damlataş Cave and Kizil Kule (Seljuk Red Tower)
Visit to Sapadere Canyon and River

Saturday, 10th November 2012
Visit to Side, Antic Town and Aspendos Theatre
Visit to Manavgat River and Waterfall
Visit to Zeytintaşi Cave
Transfer to Antalya and free time in the city

Sunday, 11th November 2012
Departures and free time in Turkey


The organization of the Greek portion of the Conference (Ioannina to Istanbul) is being led by:
Vassili Giannopoulos (vassiligiannopoulos@yahoo.gr)
Sissy Kontaxi (sissykontaxi@yahoo.gr)
Perama Cave (info@spilaio-perama.gr)

The organization of the Turkish portion of the Conference (Antalya to Alanya) is being led by:
Dr. Fuat Şaroğlu (sanaldurukal@hotmail.com)
Volkan Güner (vlknguner@yahoo.com)

The communications relating to the Conference is being organized by:
David Summers (dsummers@bcec.bm)
The registration is being organized by:
Renata Marinelli (renatamarinelli@libero.it)

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04. July 2018

Kungur Ice Cave - An invitation

"Pearl" of Russia. The current 2018 became significant for Russia. Holding the FIFA World Cup positively influenced economy of many regions of our country. Eleven cities of the Russian Federation accepting athletes and fans from around the world. Majority of them want not only to visit football matches, but also to get acquainted with nearby sights. Doesn't stand aside, the mislaid in Perm Krai, small and cosy city Kungur and the well-known Kungur Ice cave. Located in 300 km from Yekaterinburg, the city Kungur joined the cities-participants of the World Cup. From it tourists go to the Ice cave, having brought so various geography in visits statistics. It is possible indefinitely to list the countries residents which visited for these days the kingdom of eternal winter: Mexico, Peru, Australia, Spain, Lebanon, Brazil, China, USA, India, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, France … Foreign tourists and citizens of Russia, having visited the Kungur ice cave, often can't express that delight which covers them after the excursion on the fantastic underground world. What is surprising and unique in the Kungur Ice cave? In what it is one and only? First, in variety of forms of ice which are presented in the cave in more than 100 kinds. Secondly, an availability of long-term ices, which age is several hundreds of years, in spite of the fact that the cave is on an insignificant elevation mark. Thirdly, the cave length, it takes the fifth place on extent among caves of a plaster karst. Fourthly, there are several long and volume grottoes, that isn't characteristic of plaster caves. Fifthly, exotic contrast, during the summer period, from a heat in + 30 degrees outside to the subzero temperature of underground halls. This list of factors which characterize fantastic space can be listed infinitely, but as the popular Russian wisdom says "A picture is worth a thousand words". Welcome to the Kungur Ice cave!!! Ekaterina Noskova

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blogger: Darricau Joëlle
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