How to become a member

1. Sending application to ISCA secretary including recommendation of a full member

2. Waiting for approval by the Board of Directors

3. Approval of the Board

4. Payment of annual due = you become a member of ISCA

  • Sending application to ISCA secretary including recommendation of a full member
    • Any individual Full Member whose operation comprises more than one cave may have all of the caves listed under one membership.
  • Waiting for approval by the Board of Directors
  • After approval - payment the annual due
    • Full members
      • Visitation less than 20,000 visitors per year - Category A € 100 per annum
      • Visitation from 20,000 to 60,000 visitors per year - Category B € 200 per annum
      • Visitation from 60,000 to 100,000 visitors per year - Category C € 300 per annum
      • Visitation more than 100,000 visitors per year - Category D € 500 per annum
      • National or Multinational Show Caves Association - € 250 per annum
    • Associate members
      • € 50 per annum
    • Initial Payment of Dues
      • When a new member joins the Association during the course of a year their dues for that year will be determined by prorating the whole months until the end of the initial year.
      • Initial Payment
        The initial payment of dues must be paid within 90 days of approval of the application for membership.
      • Annual Dues
        The treasurer sends out notices of dues each year not later than 15th February in each year. Members whose dues remain unpaid on 30th June are not in good standing.
      • Methods of Payment
        1) by Bank Cheque to: ISCA or 2) Bank Transfer to:
        Cassa Di Risparmio Di Fabriano e Cupramontana
        Filiale di Genga, n. 44
        Località Camponocecchio n. 71/a
        60040 Genga Stazione, Ancona, Italy
        International Bank Coordinates:
        BIC CODE / swift : FABCIT31XXX
        IBAN: IT27 L 06140 37371 044570000457
  • Finally - you become a member of ISCA

Download ISCA Membership Application Form 2011

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date from: 03. November 2010 | date to: 30. November 2010

We announce you a topical photo contest to be held from the pictures taken at the 6th Congress of ISCA. Select 5 of your best documentary photos and send it directly to this website, please. NOW YOU CAN VOTE DIRECTLY.

Next congress

02. November 2014 - 08. November 2014:

ISCA 7th Congress

country: Australia
Here is the list of documents connected with the 7th ISCA Congress as issued by the Jenolan Caves.
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