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added: 06. September 2016 | author: Darricau Joëlle | views: 0

Dear visitors, let us have a look back to our human history conserved also in caves...

added: 15. June 2016 | author: Wuest Brad | views: 0

See the latest news with Oman Conference registration.

added: 13. June 2016 | author: Gazik Peter | views: 0

In busy days of our everyday tasks, we sometimes forget to do something important. A similar case was not including the information on Padirac Cave - Le Gouffre de Padirac as ISCA member on our website. So please follow the link to get familiar with this beautiful cave.

added: 27. May 2016 | author: Gazik Peter | views: 0

Dear friends, you will find the updated information on the approaching ISCA Conference in Oman this November, including registration form and hotel booking info.

added: 07. April 2016 | author: Darricau Joëlle | views: 0

See the new resource on Archaeoacoustics.

added: 29. March 2016 | author: Wuest Brad | views: 0

Here's the latest ISCA newsletter

added: 22. March 2016 | author: Chrapko Alexander | views: 0

Will you look at our new resource...

added: 22. February 2016 | author: Dvorščak Ksenija | views: 621

The Postojna Cave was awarded a National Champion by the European Business Awards. See the details.

added: 05. January 2016 | author: Cove Dan | views: 0

We have published a new Newsletter no. 38. You are welcome to read.

France is sad these days

added: 18. November 2015 | author: Darricau Joëlle | views: 0

France is sad today ...and we are sad as well...

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06. November 2016 - 13. November 2016:

ISCA Conference

country: Oman
Oman is privileged to host the forthcoming ISCA Conference during 6th – 12th November 2016. We are excited to have all ISCA members attending this important gathering, and to experience the charm of the country and its warm hospitality. It will be a platform for networking and exchanging ideas and learning from each other.

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October 2018:

8th ISCA Congress

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