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added: 13. October 2016 | author: Gazik Peter | views: 0

Dear members and interested - this is the last call for your consideration to attend the exceptional ISCA conference in Oman. Try to think whether you would go by yourselves and compare it with the programme prepared by the hosts.

added: 27. September 2016 | author: Wuest Brad | views: 0

Dear members, we have issued the latest Newsletter No. 42 concerning mainly the ISCA Conference. More information after click on the headline.

added: 06. September 2016 | author: Darricau Joëlle | views: 0

Dear visitors, let us have a look back to our human history conserved also in caves...

added: 15. June 2016 | author: Wuest Brad | views: 0

See the latest news with Oman Conference registration.

added: 13. June 2016 | author: Gazik Peter | views: 0

In busy days of our everyday tasks, we sometimes forget to do something important. A similar case was not including the information on Padirac Cave - Le Gouffre de Padirac as ISCA member on our website. So please follow the link to get familiar with this beautiful cave.

added: 27. May 2016 | author: Gazik Peter | views: 0

Dear friends, you will find the updated information on the approaching ISCA Conference in Oman this November, including registration form and hotel booking info.

added: 07. April 2016 | author: Darricau Joëlle | views: 0

See the new resource on Archaeoacoustics.

added: 29. March 2016 | author: Wuest Brad | views: 0

Here's the latest ISCA newsletter

added: 22. March 2016 | author: Chrapko Alexander | views: 0

Will you look at our new resource...

added: 22. February 2016 | author: Dvorščak Ksenija | views: 693

The Postojna Cave was awarded a National Champion by the European Business Awards. See the details.

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06. November 2016 - 13. November 2016:

ISCA Conference

country: Oman
Oman is privileged to host the forthcoming ISCA Conference during 6th – 12th November 2016. We are excited to have all ISCA members attending this important gathering, and to experience the charm of the country and its warm hospitality. It will be a platform for networking and exchanging ideas and learning from each other.

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October 2018:

8th ISCA Congress

country: Italy
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