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Updated circular with itineraries and final registration form. Click the headline to download.

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This Newsletter deals solely with the 2012 ISCA Conference in Greece and Turkey, and consequently this Newsletter serves as the Fourth Circular of the Conference. The Greece part - flights Athens - Ioannina. You can download the circular at the bottom of the following the link.

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Study in Rock Art Isturitz Follow the link on new resource concerning U-Series Dating of Paleolithic Art in 11 Caves in Spain as published in Science on 15th June 2012

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See attached document - the third circular for the ISCA Meeting in Greece and Turkey.

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The Prehistoric Museum of Orgnac is reconstructed into the City of Prehistory (La Cité de la Préhistoire)

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The organizers have issued the following information: - the preliminary registration form - President's newsletter No.10 You can download these documents from the links below.

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On the esplanade: Archaeologist and musician... What path did the archaeologists follow to overcome the challenge of rebuilding the prehistoric flutes to place in the hands of a flutist? Techniques, reflections, museum explorations, encounters with musicians and more... As a preview of the musical performance to take place in the cave, Christian Normand (SRA Aquitaine) presents the flutes of Isturitz 2012.

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Follow the link to new information on rock art.

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ISCA Commission on Interpretation in Show Caves address to the show cave managers. See the attached document, please.

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