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added: 25. July 2014 | author: Cove Dan | views: 0

A new newsletter was just brought out by the organizers to download from the Congress page.

added: 21. July 2014 | author: Hebelka Jiří | views: 0

A concise publication on lampflora removal has been added to our resources. The work was set up by an expert from the Czech Caves Administration after a long time experience with various ways of its removal. You can download it from our website.

added: 19. June 2014 | author: Dvorščak Ksenija | views: 0

Dear website visitors, will you see the success of the Postojna Cave - one of ISCA full members.

added: 18. June 2014 | author: Cove Dan | views: 0

Please find the final registration form for the 7th Congress to download after clicking the headline.

added: 17. June 2014 | author: Summers David | views: 0

See an address given by David Summers, president of the International Show Caves Association to the International conference devoted to the 100th Anniversary of Kungur Ice Cave Perm Region, Russia 27th May 2014

added: 02. June 2014 | author: Spate Andy | views: 2878

A new call for papers was just published by the organizers. To download, follow the link "More information" after clicking the headline.

added: 29. May 2014 | author: Rodríguez Rafael Pagés | views: 5136

The Spanish Show Caves Association (ACTE), in collaboration with the International Show Caves Association (ISCA), the Ibero-American Association of Show Caves (ACTIBA), Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME), European Federation of Speleology, Spanish Federation of Speleology, and Secretary of State for Tourism, Government of Spain, announces the II° Alfonso XII Award. This award has an open character and is intended to recognize the work relevant to the underground world. Among the various nominations in its first edition, this award was given to the Government of Cantabria, in recognition of the work done for the preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of cultural and natural heritage, which led in 2008 to the Declaration in the World Heritage- UNESCO the caves of the Cantabrian coast with prehistoric art The award ceremony will take place within the Ist Ibero-American Congress and V° Spanish Congress on Show Caves, CUEVATUR 2014, which will be held on 2 and 4 October 2014 in Aracena (Huelva).

added: 04. April 2014 | author: Darricau Joëlle | views: 0

The Cave of Isturitz (West Pyrenees, France): One Century of Research in Paleolithic Parietal Art. The cave of Isturitz is one of the most important archaeological sites of the prehistory of Western Europe. Human occupations followed each other in the cavity from at least the Middle Paleolithic to the Roman age.

added: 04. April 2014 | author: Cove Dan | views: 0

Please use this form to provide details and indicate your interest in attending this Congress and what additional options (e.g. pre and post Congress trips) you are considering attending. The final Registration form will be available in May of 2014. See the last document to download.

added: 04. April 2014 | author: Summers David | views: 0

CUEVATUR has been a place of exchange of experiences and knowledge for the show cave's managers and experts. It has been a point of reference for the fitting of new caves for a tourist use, because the most important specialists at show caves and mines meet up in CUEVATUR. After the creation of ACTIBA (Ibero-American Show Caves Association), and coinciding with the centenary of the first tourist visit to Gruta de las Maravillas, Aracena will host the 1st Ibero-American Congress on Show Caves, during which the ACTIBA's General Assembly will take place.

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