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added: 15. March 2013 | author: Gazik Peter | views: 0

EDMA Innova, a Spanish innovation company is involved in the development of an innovative system for caves and underground touristic attractions. Click headline for more details.

added: 18. February 2013 | author: Chrapko Alexander | views: 2542

Höllgrotten Show Cave and Cave Lighting Project invite you to a specialized seminar 'Information day for show cave operators' in Baar (Switzerland) from March 21 -23 2013. See details in attached document.

added: 17. December 2012 | author: Summers David | views: 0


added: 11. December 2012 | author: Summers David | views: 0

“A VERY IMPORTANT WORD” - in president's newsletter no. 16

added: 11. December 2012 | author: Summers David | views: 1

Details on Giannis Zalavras Memorial Fund, see in ISCA president's newsletter No. 15

added: 05. December 2012 | author: Summers David | views: 0

It is with tremendous amount of sadness and regret that we must advise to all ISCA members that Giannis (John) Zalavras, the Manager of Perama Cave in Ioannina, Greece, has been killed. (see more in President's Newsletter No. 14)

added: 07. September 2012 | author: Fabbricatore Alessio | views: 0

Congress is held from 13th to 15th September 2012, Park Škocjanske jame. The programme, 3rd and 4th circular can be downloaded from the bottom of the headline link. Now added also Guide Book with Abstracts.

added: 09. August 2012 | author: Summers David | views: 3162

Updated circular with itineraries and final registration form. Click the headline to download.

added: 12. July 2012 | author: Summers David | views: 0

This Newsletter deals solely with the 2012 ISCA Conference in Greece and Turkey, and consequently this Newsletter serves as the Fourth Circular of the Conference. The Greece part - flights Athens - Ioannina. You can download the circular at the bottom of the following the link.

added: 19. June 2012 | author: Darricau Joëlle | views: 2149

Study in Rock Art Isturitz Follow the link on new resource concerning U-Series Dating of Paleolithic Art in 11 Caves in Spain as published in Science on 15th June 2012

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