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ISCA is an international organization of persons, associations, corporations and government agencies who own, manage or operate recognized show caves or caverns.

The headquarters of the Association is situated in Largo Leone XII in Genga, Italy.

ISCA members can be full, associate or honorary. See Membership.

ISCA organization structure consists of following:

ISCA Congresses

Congresses of ISCA are held every four years preferrably during months of October or November. More information about next congress here

General Assemblies

General Assemblies of the membership are held during each Congress on four yearly intervals.

ISCA Organizational Structure

Officers of the Association

Brad Wuest President USA
Friedrich Oedl First Vice President Austria
Dan Cove Second Vice President Australia
Renata Marinelli Secretary Italy
Renata Marinelli Treasurer Italy

The Board

Brad Wuest President USA
Friedrich Oedl First Vice President Austria
Dan Cove Second Vice President Australia
Renata Marinelli Secretary Italy
Richard Bowerman Member United Kingdom
Mario Verole-Bozzello Member Italy
Peter Gazik Member Slovak Republic
Hein Gerstner Member South Africa
Guilhem de Grully Member France
Heros Augusto Santos Lobo Member Brazil
Hanne Ödin Member Sweden
Rafael Pagés Rodríguez Member Spain
Zhang Shouyue Member China
Yvonne Wagner Member Germany

Scientific and Technical Committee

Friedrich Oedl Chairman Austria
Vassilis Giannopoulos Member Greece
Giovanni Badino Member Italy
Andy Spate Member Australia
André David Member France
Pavel Bella Member Slovak Republic
Jose Maria Calaforra Member Spain
Steven Fairchild Member USA
Alain Mangin Member France
Zhang Shouyue Member China

Constitution Study Group

Dan Cove Chairman Australia
Brad Wuest Member USA
Friedrich Oedl Member Austria
David Summers Member Bermuda
Richard Bowerman Member United Kingdom
Renata Marinelli Member Italy

International Commission on Prehistory in Show Caves

Joëlle Darricau Chairman France
Nathalie Rouquerol Member France
François de la Varende Member France
Jesus Altuna Member Spain
Ramon Montes Member Spain
Randall White Member USA
Nick Powe Member United Kingdom
Nickos Poullianos Member Greece
Hein Gerstner Member South Africa

Commission on Interpretation in Show Caves

Dan Cove Chairman Australia
Ann Wescott Member USA
Hein Gerstner Member South Africa

New Technologies and Communications Study Group

Peter Gazik Chairman Slovak Republic
Richard Bowerman Member United Kingdom

History Committee

Renata Marinelli Chairman Italy
Mario Verole-Bozzello Member Italy

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Next congress

October 2018:

8th ISCA Congress

country: Italy

Next meeting

06. November 2016 - 13. November 2016:

ISCA Conference

country: Oman
Oman is privileged to host the forthcoming ISCA Conference during 6th – 12th November 2016. We are excited to have all ISCA members attending this important gathering, and to experience the charm of the country and its warm hospitality. It will be a platform for networking and exchanging ideas and learning from each other.
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