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date: July 2017 | country: Australia

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date: 02. October 2014 - 04. October 2014 | country: Spain
CUEVATUR has been a place of exchange of experiences and knowledge for the show cave's managers and experts. It has been a point of reference for the fitting of new caves for a tourist use, because the most important specialists at show caves and mines meet up in CUEVATUR. After the creation of actiba (Ibero-American Show Caves Association), and coinciding with the centenary of the first tourist visit to Gruta de las Maravillas, Aracena will host the 1st Ibero-American Congress on Show Caves, during which the actiba's General Assembly will take place.

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date: 26. May 2014 - 31. May 2014 | country: Russia
We are pleased to announce the 100th anniversary of tourism and research activities in Kungur Ice Cave.

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date: 21. July 2013 - 28. July 2013 | country: Czech Republic
Dear cavers and karst students, It is big honor for me to invite you to participate on the 16th International Congress of Speleology 2013, which will be held in Moravian Capital, city of Brno. Organizers – the Czech Speleological Society and partners – selected the congress site very carefully taking many aspects into account. City of Brno is the historical capital of the Moravian Country, one of three principal parts of the former Czech Kingdom. The city offers all advantages of the capital, but in acceptable dimensions of the city size. As the Czech trade fair centre, the Congress venue will offer all possible comfort not only for bureaucratic congress background, but also for cultural, sportive and other activities.

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date: 10. July 2013 - 20. July 2013 | country: Greece

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date: 18. October 2012 - 20. October 2012 | country: Spain

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date: 13. September 2012 - 15. September 2012 | country: Slovenia, Italy
The goal of the three days meeting is to present and share different approaches of researching in the show caves and to discuss the result and possible measures to improve the management in show caves. Other discussion: lampenflora, human impact, hydrology, chemical and physical parametrs in show caves, biodiversity . The official language is English. The papers will be published in Acta Carsologica. Guide book and Abstract to download below.

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date: 06. September 2010 - 12. September 2010 | country: France
Pleistocène Art of the world

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blogger: Darricau Joëlle
Dear Cave Prehistory fans, if you are interested in cave prehistory literature, feel free to search under this link: http://www.ifrao.com/robert-g-bednarik/r-g-bednarik-library/

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Next congress

October 2018:

8th ISCA Congress

country: Italy
The 8th ISCA Congress is planned planned to last from 12th October to 18th October 2018. The PRE- Congress Tour is planned for 9 - 12 October and POST- Congress Tour is planned for 18 - 21 October 2018.
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